Thursday, December 08, 2005

new listening goodness

Yowza its been a hectic few weeks but i gathered no one wants to read about accounts.
On the player have been
New Tunng session and tracks, nine in fact. Excellent as you may expect , but there is a newie called Holiday, this could be a new genre FolkTrance or something.
Got to hear the new BPB/ Tortoise covers album, excellent and majored with a version of cavalry cross. Damn Fine.
New music from Women and Children that should nail a seven inch, if you dont know these please do check em' out. A nico led 4AD act from the good years , uplifting and morose at the same time!
The Library Music book on trunk is a must own if you have £30 to spend. Spelbinding artwork and a cd of the very best tracks.


Blogger meggsp said...

Any idea where I can find the Women and Children 7" and when?

Battles... pretty good! But The Locust? Phwoooah!

You'll know them anyways lol! Certainly Battles.

8:26 pm  
Blogger David M said...

nice to see static live and well...

but the blog is dead..

any news Geoff??

-- WARD --

10:59 pm  
Anonymous Static Caravans For Sale said...

Would love to see you live! Where are you playing in 2012?

7:55 pm  
Anonymous UK Static Caravan said...

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