Thursday, December 08, 2005

new listening goodness

Yowza its been a hectic few weeks but i gathered no one wants to read about accounts.
On the player have been
New Tunng session and tracks, nine in fact. Excellent as you may expect , but there is a newie called Holiday, this could be a new genre FolkTrance or something.
Got to hear the new BPB/ Tortoise covers album, excellent and majored with a version of cavalry cross. Damn Fine.
New music from Women and Children that should nail a seven inch, if you dont know these please do check em' out. A nico led 4AD act from the good years , uplifting and morose at the same time!
The Library Music book on trunk is a must own if you have £30 to spend. Spelbinding artwork and a cd of the very best tracks.

end of year charts

Heck we are chuffed as tom waits repairing a radiator in a brothel that Tunng Mothers daughter and other Songs or Van 88 as we know it has been taken to so many hearts.
Rough Trade number 75
Picadilly number 2
cargo end of year listings
Hoodlam tribe number 2

there is lots in store as well for 2006.

Friday, November 18, 2005

magnetophone download

As we previously mentioned our friend and Static Brother JM has stitched up a quality audio quilt from the magnetophone album.
Tis now here for free:

Using samples taken from the completed album, an array of sonic offcuts and outtakes donated by Matt and John from Magnetophone, and one or two clever touches of his own, John Mark crafted a jewel-like 15 minute collage which serves as the perfect introduction to Magnetophone's bewitching sound world. And it's available to download from the 4AD website for free !

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

cheju downloads

Heck more quality downloads that we like to point you at:
high quality music at a cost so low its free.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


I was going to write something about last nights capsule show.
BUT this here blog from a fellow midlander does it well.
Check it:

I think MTO were better even than suggested.
Noise Noise Alore must surely be releasing something, somewhere?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Van 61

greetings music people...

we've just finished up two new songs with scott solter (john vanderslice,
the mountain goats, spoon) behind the board...and i must say that i'm very
very happy with the outcome. it was recorded at scotts home studio and mixed
at tiny telephone and is being mastered as i write this.
each tune is around 10 minutes and will be part of a split cd with textile
ranch (which is glen from piano magic). it will be released on static
caravan next year.